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Iwerne Courtney

Born in this parish:

The church in Iwerne Courtney. House on the edge of the churchyard. This house stands adjacent to the churchyard. The interior of Iwerne Courtney Church.

Laura Theresa GODDARD,  abt 1844

Ruth HANN,   Abt 1863

Robert JAMES,   Abt 1834

John WHITFIELD,   1802

Hannah YEATMAN, Abt 1823

George YEATMAN, Abt 1852

William  YEATMAN, Abt 1850


The Hann family lived in the village of Farrington within this parish.

Charlotte HANN,  1844

Eliza HANN,   Abt 1849

Harriet HANN,   1856

Jane HANN,   1839

Joseph HANN,   1842

Love HANN,   1860

Maria HANN,   Abt 1859

Mary HANN,   1837

Stephen HANN,   1851

Thomas HANN,   Abt 1847

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Also known as Shroton, this village and parish are near Blandford Forum.  


Not all of these children survived infancy.  

Anne WAREHAM,   1771

Hannah WAREHAM,   1777

Jonathan WAREHAM,   Mar 1757

Robert WAREHAM ,  1775

Thomas WAREHAM,   1768

William WAREHAM,   1765

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