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Milborne St Andrew

The church of Milborne St Andrew. The altar in Milborne St Andrew. The font in Milborne St Andrew.

Born or baptised in this place:

George HARDING,  1757

Jane HARDING,   1760

John HARDING,   1762

Amey LANE,   1839

Andrew LANE,   Abt 1846

Ann LANE,   Abt 1833

Henry LANE,   Abt 1835

Isachar LANE,   Abt 1836

James LANE,   Abt 1831

Jane LANE,   Abt 1830

Mary Ann LANE,   Abt 1839

Thomas LANE,   1840

William LANE,   Abt 1844

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In the Dorset Downs is the village and parish of Milborne St Andrew.

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