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Milton Abbas

A very dull day in Milton Abbas. The "new" village of Milton Abbas.

Images taken by Eric Thompson in 1966

Born or baptised in this place:

John HOLLOWAY,  1763

Raymond HOLLOWAY,   1766

William Henry RICKETTS, 1865

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This planned village was made when the old town was demolished by the Earl of Dorchester.  


A yeoman farmer who brought up his family in the village which no longer stands.  

Ann WOOLFRY,   1722

Ann WOOLFRY,   1758

Elizabeth WOOLFRY,   1760

James WOOLFRY,   1758

John WOOLFRY,   1725

John WOOLFRY,   1751

John WOOLFRY,   1759

Mary WOOLFRY,   1756

Sarah WOOLFRY,   1763

Thomas WOOLFRY,   1754

Wiliam WOOLFRY,   1750

William WOOLFRY,   1727

William WOOLFRY,   1767

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