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Thatched cottage in Briantspuddle village. On the main road into Briantspuddle. Cruck Cottage in Briantspuddle. Briantspuddle thatched cottage. In Briantspuddle village.

Hookey and Roberts:

Two closely related families who lived for some time in this beautiful village.

Ann HOOKEY,  1823

James HOOKEY,   1834

Joseph William HOOKEY,   Abt 1843

Mary HOOKEY,   1839

Thomas HOOKEY,   1796

Thomas HOOKEY,   Abt 1839

Edward William Hookey ROBERTS,   Jul 1848

George ROBERTS,   Abt 1828

James Hookey ROBERTS,   1846

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Briantspuddle is a small village near Affpuddle.  

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