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Boats on the River Wey at Weymouth. Brightly painted houses at Weymouth. Weymouth Harbour. A street in Weymouth. Terraced houses in Weymouth. Near Weymouth harbour.

The Brown Family:

A family which originated further north in this county.  They attended Wyke Regis Parish Church.

Born or baptised in this place:

Eliza BROWN,  1818

Frances J BROWN,   1845

James Peter BROWN,   1823

John BROWN,   1815

Marianne BROWN,   1811

Mary E BROWN,   1862

Sarah Elizabeth BROWN,   1820

William Henry BROWN,   1813

Jonathan BOUCHER,   1839

James Edward COX,   1838

James Henry COX,   1861

Herbert William GREENLAND,   1853

Sarah Ellen GREENLAND,   1849

Mary Ann HARTNELL,   Abt 1825

James Richard HOLBROOK,   11 December 1841

Walter Charles NORMAN,  Abt 1841

William Uphill NORMAN, Abt 1840

Alfred James SMITH,   Abt 1850

Sarah STONE,   Abt 1847

Mary Ann TRIM,   Abt 1825

Charles WHITFIELD, 1811

Eleanor WHITFIELD, abt 1806

Frances  WHITFIELD, 1809

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A seaside town on the English Channel coast, the history of Weymouth stretches back to the 12th Century.  

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