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Wimborne Minster

Born in this parish:

Amelia BOWDEN,  1848

Ann Eliza BOWDEN,   1842

Henry BOWDEN,   Abt 1837

William BOWDEN,   1839

Sarah COSSETT,   1695   

Anne GRAY,  Abt 1839

Kate Maria Eliza KENT ,  Abt 1856   

John TOOMER,   1807   

Wimborne Minster. Inside Wimborne Minster. The tomb of John Beaufort in Wimborne Minster. Stained glass in Wimborne Minster. Tudor building in Wimborne. Near Wimborne Minster. Street of old buildings in Wimborne. Dorset Counties Contact

This market town is home to the Saxon minster famous for its chained library.


The Dibben surname proved to be more commonly found than initially expected. Not all of those listed are in one family although may be distantly related.

Charles DIBBEN,   1817

Eliza DIBBEN,   1812

James DIBBEN,   1819

John DIBBEN,  Abt 1821

Joseph DIBBEN,   1814

William George DIBBEN,   1822

William George DIBBEN,   1823

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